What is Hydroponics

With the normal method of growing plants in soil, plants get all the nutrients,water and oxygen they require through their roots from the soil. Due to the physical characteristics of soil though one or even all of these essential items may be in limited supply for the roots to pick up.

When plants are grown in water such as with a Hydroponics, As long as the system is correctly setup the Plants receive an unlimited supply of Water.
Nutrients are added into the water which the plants are grown in, This ensures the plant can receive exactly the right nutrients to keep it healthy.
Also an unlimited supply of oxygen is available as healthy plant roots are always in direct contact with air, Although this may seem a little odd as the plants are grown in water. Usually the plant roots are not submerged.

Advantages for growing with Hydroponics

  1. Better & Bigger Crops
  2. No messy soil
  3. Less Maintenance, No need for watering of plants
  4. Less Pests as they can’t live in the soil
  5. Less Root disease caused by soil
  6. Seem to taste better !

Dis-Advantages for growing with Hydroponics

  1. Initial cost to setup, Although this needn’t be a lot
  2. Limited number of vegetables you can grow

To understand and view some of the growing methods I’ve used and you will see on this web site please click this link to go straight to the category. Hydroponic Growing Methods.

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