Our new year Christmas tree

The Norway Spruce ready to be planted.Every year when all of Christmas is over we get our real tree. May sound a little silly but it’s not really.

After Christmas in stores like B and Q, Homebase and the garden centres we always see the fir trees which no one wants, They are always reduced in price to try and get rid of them. If they don’t manage to sell them they are obviously just going to throw them in the bin quite soon. So we treat one to a new home instead.

At the bottom of our garden is our little fir tree forest, well It’s not quite a forest yet but it’s getting there. We have about 6 or 7 fir trees now which we have added to each year after Christmas. The largest tree is probably 3 feet high now and has lovely pine cones growing on it. For some reason they really love the environment at the bottom of the garden. They even have lot’s of holly to keep them company, this was there when we moved in.

When it snows it makes for a really nice picturesque scene so hopefully the rain will turn into snow sometime over winter and I can post a nice photo here. In the meantime here is a little picture of our new Norway Spruce tree and our mini fir tree forest.

With his friends the snails


The Forest , A bit leafy at the moment


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