About Us

LucyWe’re just a normal family who face all the trials and tribulations that go with bringing up a family.

We have an 18 year old son and a 12 year old daughter who looks a little different than the picture here now.

Anyone that knows me knows I love competitions and if anymore wants to save money they always come and see me so I hope to share some of my hints and tips through my blog pages.

Parts of the blog will contain information about the fruits and vegetables I have been growing for quite some time using Hydroponics methods, If you are interested in growing stuff please check these pages out. You might discover new ideas for your own growing.

My family is always on the lookout to try new things so If any companies would like us to trial any of your products please let us know, we promise to be honest in any reviews we do and if we like something we will certainly make a point of letting people know about it.