Time Lapse video of my Hydroponic Greenhouse over 3 seasons

I’ve had a camera in my greenhouse for a few years now. I’d forgotten until recently that it had been recording a photo of the greenhouse on a daily basis.

After seeing all the photo’s I though it might be cool to put them all together and make a little video of my plants growing over 3 seasons, within the video you can see all the cucumbers and tomato plants growing on either side of the greenhouse and all the propagation going on in the middle. With the occasional winter cabbage plant or Brussels sprouts in the middle.

I think it’s interesting, Hope you do to. You even see the greenhouse building it’s own new floor at the end.




creativeLIVE and my photographic exploits

Red ArrowsA year or so ago I decided I wanted to learn how to take better photo’s, I have always been interesting in photography but never really taken an active interest or used many of the options on my camera other than the shutter button.

Deciding I needed something or someone to push me in the correct direction of how to use my camera and it’s functions I had a hunt around on the internet for things I could do.

LizardAt first I was considering joining a local camera club, but having little spare time decided this wasn’t for me. Also I think I was slightly intimidated by how the other people at a club might treat a complete amateur such as myself.

I looked around for other options at the time including things like open university courses on photography, but after reading a lot of peoples opinions on photography courses decided I would probably be wasting my time trying to learn by my self at home, Especially if it cost me quite a bit of money.

AbbeyIn the end I stumbled across a web site called creativeLIVE. The basis of the web site is to provide live courses about all sorts of things to do with Photography. Including everything from how to take better photographs, maintaning your body and how to run a business and make it profitable.

The courses take place with real people who visit the studio to take part in the course live, they usually send an email out before the course asking people to volunteer to come and take part.  Usually after sending a little video interview or something. The fact that the whole course is filmed live makes the whole thing feel a lot more like having a one to one tutor.

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