Time Lapse video of my Hydroponic Greenhouse over 3 seasons

I’ve had a camera in my greenhouse for a few years now. I’d forgotten until recently that it had been recording a photo of the greenhouse on a daily basis.

After seeing all the photo’s I though it might be cool to put them all together and make a little video of my plants growing over 3 seasons, within the video you can see all the cucumbers and tomato plants growing on either side of the greenhouse and all the propagation going on in the middle. With the occasional winter cabbage plant or┬áBrussels┬ásprouts in the middle.

I think it’s interesting, Hope you do to. You even see the greenhouse building it’s own new floor at the end.




Time based Photo’s

This page contains photo’s taken over several weeks while the plants were growing in the Hydroponic systems to give you an idea of how well the plants grow hydroponically, Week 0 in the photo’s always refers to the time when I placed the plant or seed into the system

As this page is quite graphic intensive please be patient while the pictures are displayed.

The water culture lettuce system in the cold frame.



3rd May, Week 0.







9th May, Week 1.







16th May, Week 2.








23rd May, Week 3.





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