My Tesco HUDL 2 Screen Cracked By Itself

Self_Cracking_Hudl2I’m writing this post to describe the situation I am in with our Tesco Hudl 2 tablet and it’s screen which cracked by itself.

We purchased the Tesco Hudl 2 tablet just before Christmas as it appeared to be a good choice at the time with regards to quality versus cost.

About 2 months ago the first problem occurred . The time on the device would not stay correct. It would lose an hour or two each day. There appears to be quite a few people having the same issue. After trying all sorts of different ideas which were posted on the web and failing miserably we just decided to live with a device with the problem until maybe a firmware update came out to fix the device.

Unfortunately approximately two weeks after this occurred a major problem with the device happened. We were using the device quite happily for a few minutes one morning, Put the device down and while not even touching the device it cracked straight across the screen. A single hairline crack as you can see in the photo.

At no time had the device been dropped. It’s been very carefully looked after and has stayed within it’s rubber case at all times. Obviously we assumed that as we hadn’t mistreated the device and it was not damaged by us we thought we would be able to have it repaired or replaced. We were wrong.

After contacting Tesco, They sent the device to their engineers to be examined and returned the verdict that it had been damaged by us and so would not be able to do anything under warranty. Our only choices were to have the device repaired at a cost of £95 Pounds or alternatively to have the device returned unrepaired.  As the device only costs £99 to purchase new why on earth would we want it repaired for this cost anyway.

We asked them to provide a full engineers report describing why this was the case.

The report we received was as follows :-

“The fault has been caused by accidental damage. This could have been caused by excessive pressure being placed on the unit or the cabinet being twisted, causing the glass to crack along the bottom of the screen.”

The is no actual detail supplied with the assessment with regards to actual tests being made or the reasoning for coming to that conclusion, I have asked further for this information and will update this blog if I receive any further details.

As far as I am aware a hairline crack is usually the sign of a manufacturing fault rather than dropping an item on the floor where a spider type crack is most likely to  appear.

Being an engineer and a mobile software and hardware developer for over 20 years myself and seeing multiple devices fail, I find it hard to believe that there is no possible way out of all the many Tesco Hudl 2 tablets which have been produced that not one could have been manufactured with a faulty display or some other faulty component contained within.

Or a minor screen imperfection during manufacture which only becomes apparent under a certain set of circumstances such has heat generated while charging or intensive gaming etc.

Apparently the Hudl 2 has no repair service currently available, Which is one other thing to certainly bear in mind if you are ever considering purchasing one.

As we will be shortly investigating our options for recompense on this issue and I am aware of multiple people having similar issues, Please could you post a comment on this post if you have had a similar problem with a Tesco Hudl 2 device describing what occurred in your case so I can see if the fault in mine is truly unique as Tesco seem to be suggesting.

I would advise everyone who is sure they did not cause the screen to crack to contact Tesco and then Trading Standards etc.  It’s only when a large number of people notify them of a problem will anything be done.

** Update ** Just as an update to my blog post, Tesco have in the end provided me with a full refund as a good will gesture. I hope all of you with a Hudl 2 with the same problem have an equally successful outcome.


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  1. Hi there,
    You contacted me on Mumsnet :)

    We were completely fobbed off originally until another Hudl owner got in touch to say she had spoke to the company who make the glass. Until this point Tesco were quoting me £95 to repair of £99 to replace stating accidental damage and their engineer told me that there was no such thing as a thermal break to glass caused by heat which is bull. (Ours cracked when charging)

    Basically when I sent Tesco CEO (email: Darren Piggott a copy of the email from the glass company it all changed. I had sent pictures of my Hudl crack to the glass manufacturers and asked their opinion. We now have a replacement but it was given under the terms that it was “a goodwill gesture” as “tests were inconclusive” i.e “we are doing this being nice we don’t have to and we aren’t admitting fault” hmm

    Tesco got in touch with the glass company who confirmed he had said what was in the email and they started to investigate. They hauled loads of the tablets off to be investigated. They set up an email address for someone to investigate but he never answered anyone and then cancelled the email address. They also told us that our Hudls were going back to the glass manufacturer on three occasions but they actually went back to the Hudl manufacturer who I have been told were recently investigated for the working conditions and who would have made the mistakes and are not likely to admit it.

    Here is the email he sent me


    I seem to be getting lots of emails regarding the Tesco Hudl so here goes……

    AGC manufactures Dragontrail glass in high volume in several locations in Japan, we don’t actually make the screens for phones or tablets, we just make the glass in high volume and sell to a number of companies I’ll call “Glass Finishers”. Most of these companies are in China/Asia and their role is to cut the glass, polish the edges, make holes as needed, chemically harden the glass and sell to a display maker. The display maker then bonds the glass (sometimes) to the display and sells to the tablet/phone builder, it’s then assembled along with the many parts needed to
    make the device and then branded as say a Tesco Hudl.

    AGC has examined many thousands of failures….top end manufacturers test devices to destruction, they have drop tests where phone/tablets are dropped from increasing heights until failure occurs, they drop at different angles impacting edge or centre…we examine the failures and we see that most failures start at an edge…this analysis allows us to make recommendations concerning edge finishing and chemical hardening….but ultimately it’s only a recommendation as the processing is outside our control

    When you cut glass the typical method is to scribe with a diamond point (make a scratch) and then stress the glass by bending….it fails along the scratch…this is fine if you are making glazing for windows but the problem with tablets/phones is that the edge has lots of micro cracks….in a top end device the glass finisher would be required to grind/polish the edge (this adds cost) to completely remove these micro cracks…in a budget device maybe this process is not fully completed?

    Next problem is assembly….you have to put the glass into a plastic/metal frame….the crack starts where the port is….it’s easy to nip the glass during assembly and a relatively large piece provides the ideal “hard lump”. I’ll again say that top end manufacturers check assembly to avoid such situations…quality control on a budget device may not be so exacting.

    It’s the nature of cracks to grow….it starts as a tiny micrometre crack and under repeated stress it grows to become visible….the stress could be dropping the tablet, bending the tablet or even charging it if the thing gets hot….once started you cannot stop a crack.

    Correctly chemically tempered Dragontrail is designed to bend….look at the videos on the AGC website and you see. If there was an existing edge crack then bending would cause the failure seen.

    There are lots of comments here with the same issue especially later posts.

      • We bought my daughter a Hudl 2 for Christmas and kept getting a message ;brightness throttled due to thermal event’. It did get extremely hot and we considered taking it out of its protective case but never did remove it for fear of scratching the screen. I know the screen was undamaged when I placed it carefully in my daughters room. She was out at a sleepover so was unable to play with it. When I opened the case the next day the screen was cracked multiple times and there seems to be a burn mark. It has never been dropped so I can only assume it is a fault with the machine and the result of it over heating. We have not yet contacted Tescos as we only discovered it today, Sunday but will be trying to take it back and to get a replacement or repair.

      • Could somebody send me details of who I need to contact that’s higher than the hudl helpline
        All I keep getting from them is accidental damage when I seen my screen crack for no reason in front of my eyes
        There engineer must have some brilliant qualifications to tell tell something broke accidentally from a photo when it didn’t even break by accident
        It’s either from the heat or from a swollen battery

      • my huddle kept on freezing then wouldnt charge. it was sent back to correct the problem. it is now overheating and will not charge at all. I cannot reset it as it will not turn on. I will take it back to Tesco again and see iof they can repair the fault. I find the huddle a load of twaddle.

    • Hi,
      We’ve just had exactly the same thing happen to our sons hudl. Put it on charge in the evening, went to put it off at socket an hour later and it had cracked multiple times straight from charge point with a long crack also right across screen. My husband has just tweeted tesco who informed us the only option is to have the screen replaced at a charge of £95!! No repairs are available despite being obviously faulty. We will also take this further, will update when Tesco respond further.

    • purchased two hudl2 at christmas for the two youngest children as a present 14yrs and 18yrs, both loved the items and my wife took to it so much after sharing theirs for the chrsitmas period that in the new year i got her one for herself and has absolutely loved it ever since.
      recently the main family computer started going wrong so as a surprise present my wife purchased one for me from our local tesco extra store in hanley stoke on trent. for the first two weeks i loved the item and it was looked after like a young child. the item was never even out of the bluetooth keypad case that she bought off tescos at the same time for me use as i have large fingers and am more used to the keypads. they have had no complaints about the items since they had them given to them with the exception of the fat that the charging wire is not very long and the actual location of the charging point on the hudl2 is very awkward and seem sto be in a less than perfect location.

      today the item was left in its case as always whilst being charged in the middle of the desk. whilst sitting there the screen cracked on the hudl2 from the top right corner to the bottom right corner in an outward arc. the item has never been dropped and always been very very carefully looked after, and at the time of the damage occurring it was not even being touched.
      the only thing at the time was when i took the item off a 15min charge the screen adjacent to the charging point on the hudl2 was quite a bit warmer than the rest of the screen, presumably due to the heat from the battery charging..could this have caused the scren to crack? is the screen defective?

      tomorrow the first thing ill be doing is contacting the tesco extra store in hanley stopke on trent customer service desk as a first point of contact wanting the matter dealt with? presumably i will be either fobbed off or told to contqact tech support etc. the one thing i do have in my favour is that i wont be fobbed off no matter how long or protracted things get, call it a personal thing but i cant do with buck passing especialy when its me they will prob be telling nothing can be done for etc. not happening.

      will update as it goes along following my visit to the store in the first instance.

      • didnt bother waiting for tomorrow to arrive contacted tesco customer service telephone number on their site and spoke to a young man called ryan who said that he was passing me over to their HUDL2 TEAM. is the hudle apparently so bad that they have had to set up a specific team to deal with the amount of people contacting with damaged hudl2?

        anyway, was put to after a few mins wait to a lady called jade who offered to have the screen repaired for me at a cost to myself of £59:00, why are the amounts they seem to be offering as a repair fee different for different people, the screens are the same ?
        i apprentlly now as i refuted their allegation of accidental damage got to take a picture of my NAME AND ADDRESS DETAILS (A PICTURE) and also a couple of pictures of the cracked screen and send them in an email to for them to look at and wait for them to get back to me. they can apprently tell how the damage has been caused from a email picture? perhaps i should send one of my damaged spine would clear a few things up as the spinal specialists have been looking at it to see how to get it fixed properly for a few years now, obviously these tesco people must be very very qualified and special people at their hudl2 centre.
        wont be leaving it there as immidiatly after doing this i will also be contacting by email their chief executive with the complaint and asking the ceo office to also take the matter up and see how far that gets me prior to taking the official steps on the ladder in relation to the trading standards, ombudsman, watchdog and mp..sounds a drastic thing to do but im determined not to be messed about by a large company that by the looks of it decides they can mess people around in order to fail to meet their own responsibilities.

        keep you posted.

        • had a dpd collection courier arrive yesterday afternoon at 3:30pm took the hudl2 away in a very scify looking sciency wyency padded carry case telling me it will be with the hudl2 people by tomorrow morning (this morning). tescos tell me it will take a couple of days before they look at it due to the very large backlog of hudl2 that they are presently dealing with already in their possesion with cracked screens for assesing how the damage occurred to them? lol, well out of the mouths of babes eh? lol

          recontacting them on friday to see what they deciding to do about it, but looking on here not holding my breath for any long periods of time about it at the moment.

    • I had to return my Hudl 2 for repair when it ceased charging. But less than a month later, having left it charging overnight, I woke to find it had a cracked screen.

  2. My son got his HUDL for his birthday on the 9th April. It came with a book style cover to prevent damage. On the 7th May he finished using it, put it down and went to bed. When he woke in the morning I picked it up and passed it to him and noticed a crack across the screen. It goes from the top middle to the bottom middle. There is no sign of impact at either end. If the phone had been damaged the night before my son would have been upset about it.

    I sent some photos of the damage to tesco who have declared it to be accidental damage. I explained that it wasn’t and they said excess pressure must have been applied to the screen. I explained that if an 8 year old boy can apply excessive pressure to cause this damage then it isn’t fit for purpose. They offered me a repair service for £95. Laughable.

    i asked to be put through to a manager who proceeded to offer a part ex, they’d give me £20 for the HUDL against a new one. Laughable.

    I asked if there was any further action I could take and was told to take it to a suitably qualified repairer and obtain a report. I asked for a list for my local area and was told I would have to source my own. I enquired what suitably qualified meant and was told that a list of suitable qualifications would be emailed over to me. This list had never appeared. I have the name of the manager who passed this information to me and a recording of the conversation.

    • Thanks for the information Greg, I would certainly be interested in what the qualifications would be if they ever arrive.

  3. Ours too, whilst playing on it normally. Two cracks from near headphone port and one joining the two cracks. Never been dropped.

  4. I purchased a hudl 2 for Christmas for my little girl, after using it constantly I decided that I would buy myself one as it seemed like a really good little tablet. I purchased one at the end of March and yesterday once my girls had went to bed plugged mine into charge went to make a cup of tea came back and there was a crack identical to your pictures in the screen. Now this hasn’t been dropped or bumped it’s my own hudl my little girl has her own so she doesn’t even touch mine so I know it was fine when I plugged it in. I haven’t spoke to tesco yet but im going over 1st thing in the morning. I’m really annoyed after finding all these comments regarding the screen and tescos response to customers. I wish I hadn’t bothered buying myself one now.

    • Thanks for commenting, Hopefully we’ll all get a good outcome eventually. Please let me know how you get on.

  5. I’ve had the same problem with my daughters hudl. It were only a couple of months old. I left it charging on the side over night. Came down stairs the next morning and a crack had appeared across the right hand corner. I spoke to tesco on a few occasions regarding what happened to it. There response was that it will cost me £99 to replace the screen which I was not prepared to pay. And no its sat in the cupboard because I can’t do nothing with it and I now have a upset 3 year old. My other two daughters have also got a hudl..up to yet they have been fine. I’m just hoping the same doesn’t happen to there’s aswell

    • Thank you so much for commenting on the post, It certainly does seem to be more than one device which it occurs on that is for sure.

  6. I have a similar story to kylie (above).
    Both of my daughters got a Hudl2 for christmas and a few weeks ago my eldest daughter put her Hudl on charge overnight and when she checked it in the morning there were 4 cracks on the screen emanating from the charge point. After several emails to/from the Tesco Tech support they agreed to send the unit to their repairers and it was picked up.
    A few days later I had a call from the repairers (Camtronics) to say that it was accidental damage and that it would cost £95 to repair it unless Tesco agreed to get it repaired as a gesture of good will. This is where I’m at now unfortunately. Next stop – argue with Tesco until they repair / replace it.

  7. Hi, I bought a Hudl2 for Christmas. after 3 months of use the screen cracked after charging the device. I reported it to tesco who collected it on a Monday, they returned it by the Friday. No report, explanation or any correspondence what so ever. The obviously didn’t repair it! When I called them they said it was accidental damage and will not fix it. I have posted on tescos Facebook page, however tescos have been removing my posts and even called me a spammer for my own agenda. I’m so disappointed with them. I have email watchdog too.
    All the best Steph x

  8. Hi Paul,our hudl was on a table,not dropped or on charge,wife went to use it noticed a l/h diagonal hairline crack.No wonder tescos are in trouble I will never buy electricals from them again.dave ward, ps good luck with watchdog.

  9. Same issue as everyone else
    Cracked whilst not in use
    Tesco refuse to accept it and can somehow manage to diagnose this via photographs
    Utterly shambolic state of affairs
    There’s clearly an issue given the volume of people affected

  10. Hi! I bought my son a Hudl2 for Christmas. In April it developed a crack after being in a drawer overnight. The crack was an almost straight crack, on a slight diagonal and over the hdmi port on one side.
    Went to the store where it was bought and they advised me to ‘phone Technical Support. Technical Support asked for pictures to be sent and after about 10 days left me a ‘phone message that it was ‘accidental damage’. I have a ‘phone no. to call to ‘discuss’ this, but haven’t done so yet.

    • Thanks for commenting Ian, I would certainly ring the number and see what they have to say about the situation.

      • Just wanted to follow up. Called Technical Support again and their idea of a discussion was simply telling me the same thing again – ‘accidental damage’. Returned to the shop and the manager of the relevant department told me he couldn’t authorise a refund/replacement without the ok from Tech Support. Let me make an online protest there and then to Tech Support. This is the reply I received:
        Dear Ian

        Thank you for your email.

        I am sorry to hear that your hudl has sustained damage to the screen. I appreciate how frustrating this must be for you.

        Regrettably accidental damage is not covered under the terms and conditions of the standard warranty. I am therefore unable to offer you a repair, replacement or refund in this instance.

        The hudl2 uses Dragontrail glass, which is primarily manufactured for its durability and damage-resistance. It is the same glass that is used in mainstream high-end mobile phones such as the Sony Xperia and Galaxy Nexus.

        You are of course entitled to obtain a second opinion by way of an independent expert report. This report would need to be conducted by a qualified expert in the field, and detail what the problem is, what caused it (inherent defect, faulty components etc) and any relevant photographs or diagrams. The person giving the opinion should also give their qualifications or credentials.

        I am sorry for any disappointment this may cause.

        If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
        Not sure what my next move is, but I think maybe trying to complain further up the hierarchy would be the way to go.

        • That seems the standard reply, I don’t think it’s a problem with the glass itself but possibly a problem which occurs during installation of the glass or the way it is installed in the case. At the very least the glass is installed in such a way that it is very weak compared with other tablets. I’ve got several other makes of tablets in the family and none have ever cracked despite years of use and wear.

          • Hi! Update.
            I contacted them to say that I couldn’t see how my Hudl2 had sustained accidental damage when the screen was pristine, other than the fine crack. The response was that I could send it in to them to have a look at. In fact they arranged for it to be collected, without charge. A few weeks later my Hudl2 was returned with a new screen fitted. No explanation about why this was done or what their take on the ‘accidental damage’ was.
            Incidentally the new screen was not as good as my old screen (aside from not having a crack!) There were some very fine marks on the screen that were not there when it was sent. Well, its obviously a different screen. I first thought they’d sent me a new (returned/refurbished?) tablet, but there were my photos on it, so…
            Anyway, not completely happy as I feel I have a (slightly) less nice screen and no explanation, but I seem to be better off than some people on this thread. I also wonder if the screen will crack again

  11. My 16 year old daughter was sitting with her huddle 2 yesterday morning and she simply swiped the screen with her finger and it shattered from the point of the on\off button right across the screen. It was bought at Christmas and is in a rubber case with a screen saver on it too. She is careful with it and as far as I know has never been dropped. She is extremely upset as she had really important school work on it. Her younger siblings all have huddle 1 and, all four have been thrown dropped and stood on and never had any screen damage at all.

  12. I purchased my hudl 2 from Tesco just before Xmas.
    A month a go the battery died while I was using it so I put it on charge. I went to it a few hours later and there was a crack right from one end to the other !!! It wasn’t there when I put it on charge …. It’s not been dropped …. Or had any accidental damage.
    Im not sure if I can be bothered with the arguing with Tesco but the other half if me is furious about it.
    What do I do now ?!

    • Thanks for commenting, I would certainly carry on contacting Tesco about it. If lot’s of people keep having problems then it’s hard for them to ignore it.

  13. My son’s screens have both done this one happened just last night. My 7 yr old son is so upset because he’s adamant he had not touched it was only charging. Not sure whether to get another one or go for a different make.

    • Thank you for commenting Jodie, At the very least I would contact Tesco and let them know. The more people they are aware of the problem happening to the better.

  14. Hi, I bought my son a hudl 2 at Christmas as I’d read lots of good reviews and its child safety app.
    I charged it last night and the screen was fine. When I picked it up this morning there were several diagonal cracks on the screen from one corner and it won’t work. I’ve noticed over the last few weeks it’s been getting very hot during charging as well. Was going to contact Tesco but after reading several blogs about them charging £99 to replace the screen, don’t think I’ll bother. Wouldn’t buy another one as there appears to be a design fault.

    • Thanks for commenting Fran, The only way that Tesco will know and agree there is a problem is if we all let them know when the same thing occurs and the number of people complaining starts to get overwhelming. So I would contact them at least to log your complaint.

  15. Hi I also brought a hudl 2 which lasted a few weeks the battery was low so put it on charge five minutes later we heard a noise coming from it I looked and the screen had cracked. My little girl was heart broken I rang tesco they also said unless insured which I was given choice when brought there was nothing they could do so what a waste of money its been sat in the draw since.and I don’t want to buy another one in case it happens again . thanks

    • Thanks for commenting Michelle, For Tesco to agree that there is a problem we all must let them and other people know about any issues we’ve had.

  16. We bought one for my son, not sure how it broke either just on charge or being placed carefully down.
    Certainly was not dropped/banged or impacted in a way that cause a crack.

  17. dear paul.
    i brought my grandaughter a hudl2 at christmas. early march we got up and it was cracked, it was left on a table in its case overnight, so unless we have a ghost…….
    March the 9th got in touch with tescos,customer service lady said could it be caused by overheating, and gave me there tec support number to get in touch with, did this had to send a screen shot. Next day got a phone call to say it was accidental damage, how they could tell that from a phone pic i do not know, not happy with this called trading standards to ask what we could do was told goods had to be fit for purpose and told us to contact tescos again, we have numerous times some times the emails have been a bit heated, and in a roundabout way feel as though tescos have called us liars, anyway they finely agreed to send it off for testing. A few days later get a call back from there tec department ( after tracking the phone number it is a independent repair centre away from tescos) a lady told me on the phone that was i aware that i would have to pay for the repir, i told her no i would not and that i was in dispute with tescos explained my issue, the lady then said did i think that it was caused by overheating….hello that was mentioned to me right at the start…. i told her she was the second person to mention overheating she said she would give it back to the engineer, within 10mins the engineer called me back and said that the screen had cracked through the hudl2 been twisted or pressure been applied…. hrr no… i mentioned the overheating he said it had been checked and even though they have issues with overheating… and apparently mine was not one of these… this did not cause the screen to crack, he said that they could repair it for £95 i told him to send it back. I have sent a form off to watchdog, no reply, just got back off holiday so am going to email tesco customer services because i have see some people have been sent replacement but not others so i can not work it out. so after i have emailed them i shall email “dont get done get dom” the only way that tescos will do anything is by everyone getting pro active. By the way i have brought my grandaughter a new tablet now and it is deffinetly not a hudle2 in fact since this issue over my screen i have not shopped at tescos they do not deserve my support, i know approx £400 a month is not going to put them out of buisness but if everyone with cracked screens and no joy did not use it hopefully there profits would drop even more. Good luck with your quest i will let you know if i have any joy.

    • Thank you for commenting Sheila, The procedure you are going through seems pretty much the same as everyone elses. We too contacted watchdog but got no reply, Perhaps watchdog will take notice if people keep contacting them. Maybe they just need a certain number of requests.

  18. My daughter got her Hudl 2 for Christmas and lasted four months before the screen cracked. She put it down (on carpet) before bed, woke up in the morning to find a crack right across the screen with two more cracks coming off this and another crack around the camera lens.
    It has always been carefully used and has never been dropped or damaged and has always been kept in its rubber case.

    Contacted Tesco Tech Support and spoke to an advisor who gave me the accidental damage line and then went on to speak with a floor manager who gave me the same rubbish which included Hudls going through stringent tests of being ‘thrown out of windows’ and ‘chucked down stairs’ so basically didn’t get anywhere with him. I also sent a complaint but this also came back with the same response of accidental damage.

    It has really made me angry the way Tesco’s are refusing to acknowledge that there is a problem with these Hudls and wanting us to pay even more money to get the item fixed grrrr.

    • Thank you for commenting Sara. With regards to stringent tests being done, My reply to that was it doesn’t matter what kind of tests are done there will always be a certain number of devices which fail due to faults during installation or manufacturing of the screen. No product is 100% faultless.

  19. This is exactly what happened to my daughters hudl and the crack is in the exact same place. There is obviously a manufacturing fault with this product which Is being covered up by Tesco. This is totally unfair and to be told we cant get a repair or replacement is criminal. I have now found hundreds of posts like this on the internet and something needs to be done. I will be sending an email to Tesco again today,

  20. Thanks for commenting Lisa, Making Tesco and others aware of how many people are having this problem is the best thing we can do at the moment. If there is a problem with the screens or devices then I can only see the number of complaints increasing.

  21. We had exact same hairline crack appear when hudl2 was on but not being handled. Please let us know when tesco finally acknowledge this issue so we can get some recompense.

    • Thanks for commenting, I would advise at least contacting Tesco to log the problem. They need to be kept aware that people are still having issues.

  22. I bought my granddaughter a Hudl 2 for christmas. She used constantly with no problem at all. Then she presented it to me with a single crack right across the screen. She swears she did not drop it or twist or anything. Just put on charge and it cracked when she returned to it. It have searched high and low for a replace screen and only come up with one that costs £100 with the Hudle 2 on offer at £99 that seems pointless.
    I came across your article and discovered that this is a common phenomenon. It does seem to me that the screen is not fit for purpose so please add me to your list of people unsatisfied by this device.

    • Thanks for commenting Roger, I would contact Tesco and at least let them know you’ve had this problem. They need to be kept aware that it is occurring on a regular basis with everyone.

  23. Hi Paul, I contacted Tesco Tech team after my Hudle 2 developed a crack, this was on a table, Tesco said it’s accidental damage, I asked if it was then an accident must of occurred. I contacted them last about four weeks ago, same answer and also said they had not heard of this “fault” before. So I have a Hhudle 2 with a crack from headphone socket over to the volume button, the touch sensor don’t even work either now… This is great what you’ve done Paul, hopefully someone will listen and agree Tesco are providing poor quality and dangerous goods. KInd regards, Martin

    • Spooky! Another Martin Robinson with the same problem!

      My son’s hudl2 screen cracked overnight while left on charge. One single crack straight across the width of the screen from the hdmi port. The display still works, but the touch digitiser doesn’t hence hudl is useless. This is just after the hudl2’s first birthday.

      I haven’t bothered contacting Tesco, after reading this thread, but ordered a new (refurb) screen off Amazon. I will attempt to swap circuit board etc across myself as shown in several YouTube videos.

  24. Hi my sons hudl broke last week cracked screen he was so annoyed and was sure he didn’t drop it my other son’s just broke also unreal how many people this is happening to any advice on how to deal with tescos will be appreciated

    • Thanks for commenting Suzanne, I don’t have any real advice on how to deal with them but I would contact them and let them know what’s happened. Maybe tell them you know of it happening to more people. Then if no joy contact Trading Standards, Watchdog, Head Office etc. If everyone does this then it’s hard for them to ignore there is a problem.

  25. Add another 2 to the list, bought at Xmas now both unuseable. £95 for a repair or £99 for new ones ! Grrrrr

  26. My daughters hudl 2 screen has cracked just from pressing the power button, looking online this seems to be a common problem and obviously a manufacturing fault.The cheapest replacement screen is £109 and a new hudl 2 is on tesco website for £99, it’s madness. Tech support were helpful but they said screen cracks are accedental :(

    • Hello Sarah, Thank you for commenting. It might be worth while contacting watchdog and trading standards as the more people they are aware of it happening to the better.

  27. Two hudl 2 purchased at Christmas, both cracked from side to side, unable to use. first cracked two months post purchase. We have been told same as above comments. Never been dropped!

  28. My son has had his hudl 2 for 3 days. I got it for his 16th birthday. When he came down this morning and told me it had cracked overnight while charging I thought he had dropped it which ensued in a massive argument. I’ve been trawling the internet to see if I can get it fixed for a reasonable amount and stumbled on this post. It looks like an apology is in order! Hopefully we can get a positive outcome.

    • I’m sorry to hear your son’s Hudl 2 had a similar problem so soon, Thanks for commenting and I hope everyone gets a good outcome soon.
      Please make sure you complain to Tesco so it’s logged.

  29. My eldest son was playing in his hudl 2 while in charge for one minute the screen had cracked we couldn’t get to the bottom of why it had a crack it hadn’t been dropped. I picked my youngest sons up the other day dropped it on wooden floor hard and it didn’t crack. Can not believe we can’t get it replaced

  30. My Hudl has spontaneously developed a series of cracks on the screen emanating from a corner. I was playing a game on it then put it on a worktop and went for a walk. When I returned, I found the cracks and the cracked area was very warm. The power button seems to bring it out of standby but the touch screen does not work so I can’t use it

  31. My daughters HUDL 2 has a crack that appeared suddenly – can’t exactly say when but certainly not due to any drop or accidental damage. It runs from one corner to the opposite one. She has been incredibly careful with it since we bought it for her last Christmas and always has it in the HUDL 2 case we bought with it. I have not attempted to contact Tesco yet – and based on what I am reading I am not sure I see any point as it seems they will cite accidental damage and £95 to repair which is not worth it. I would be interested to know if there is a “best approach” here to get any recompense, or would I be just shouting in the wind!?

    • Hello Rob, Thanks for commenting. Not sure about a best approach but I’d certainly contact Tesco and tell them that has happened. You have to be honest yet firm with them I think. And if you get no where, I would contact Trading standards etc and also use the contacts detailed in the first comment on this page.

    • I have contacted Tesco and now going through the process – have sent photos and next stage is they are picking it up next week for their inspection. Based on what I have read, I am not hopeful, but want to make sure I go by the book before I decide any action. I would be interested to know if anyone at all has ever had such an inpsection of a cracked screen where the outcome was deemed to be a manufacturing fault!? If that was the case, it would be even more interesting to know what type of crack leads them to this conclusion rather than accidental damage – I get the distinct impression that evey cracked screen is deemed accidental damage. I found it interesting that the Tesco contact I talked to explained to me that the company they send the HUDL to for investigation, is actually part of the original manufacturer and therefore has a vested interest to conclude it wasn’t their fault.

      • As far as I know no one has had the crack of their device being acknowledged by Tesco as being caused by a manufacturing fault, If I find otherwise I’ll let you know.

        • Hi Paul,
          update for you. Same situation as Ian Francis – I just had my daughters Hudl 2 returned with a replacement screen!!!….. but no explanation etc. Basically, the Hudl was just in a jiffy bag, in a clear plastic bag, with nothing except a sticker on the back with the Job number and fault description that was entered originally after my call. No acknowledgement of any fault from them, description of repair, date of repair etc etc.
          So, while I am happy they repaired it, I still am concerned it could happen again. It appears to me they recognise they have a problem otherwise they would not have repaired it, but not sure if this will be a standard practice for other customers from now on. Good luck to everyone on here!

          • Thanks for posting a follow up comment, I’m glad you at least got a repair done. Hopefully they will start repairing everyone’s who has the problem now.

        • Thanks Ian – I only just saw your comment. I just had exactly the same situation as you with a replacement screen on my daughters Hudl 2 but no documentation or explanation etc. Hope they last a while!!

  32. I took my Hudl2 on holiday with me. I keep it in a rubbery protective cover. I was using it for Facebook etc and I put it down and went to the beach. When I returned to my room my Hudl2 wouldn’t unlock, I then noticed a hairline crack on the screen that definitely wasn’t there before I left the room!

  33. My Granddaughter aged 3 dropped the Hudl from a settee to the floor about three feet below. Despite the Hudl being in its “protective” rubber case, the glass shattered. I have dropped other tablets and my phone (a hundred times!) with no problem. The Hudl glass is not fit for purpose in my opinion.

  34. Hi I bought my daughter a Hudl2 in Feb she has always use the cover for it and then yesterday she told me that the screen just cracked ….to be honest I told her off thinking she had dropped it . ..but seems a standard fault ….

  35. Another case of mysterious screen cracks appearing overnight here too. Son was playing with it fine last night, got up this morning to a cracked screen and gave the usual lecture about looking after his stuff, amid his complaints of innocence….after finding these threads regarding this issue it looks like I will have to apologise to him and shift focus the to Tesco!

  36. My daughters hudl has developed 4 hairline cracks coming from the power button. Her hudl is always kept in the protective case and was on charge when the crack developed. I am contacting tescos today.

  37. Left my sons hudl 2 which he received for Christmas on charge over night have woken up this morning the hudl exactly where I left it to find it cracked across the Middle the hudl has a hudl silicone case on it my little boy is devestated as he now can’t use it even though it still switches on the touch screen isn’t working having read other comments about the same problem
    happening and how unhelpful tesco are is it even worth contacting them ?

  38. better add 2 more to the list. 1st one seems to have developed a series of cracks whilst charging. the device was warm to the touch when I checked it. 2nd was just minutes ago, it was simply left on the side and now has a number of cracks from the power button across the screen.

    I’m not going to be contacting tesco, I already know they will claim accidental damage and try to charge us £95 per tablet. It’s a shocking situation and one that clearly won’t be resolved any time soon!!

  39. Bought a Hudle2 for the children as a Christmas present. Went out this afternoon and left Hudl to charge. Got back in after 4 hours to find a hairline crack in the screen running from the charging port to near the power button. The screen was in fact when I put it on charge. There is always a rubber protective cover on it because it was bought for the children and accidents happen but they are adamant they have not dropped or bumped it. This is clearly not an isolated incident from all the previous comments. I just hope this adds further evidence to the case and Tesco get their act together…

  40. My daughter’s hudl 2 slipped from her hand and on to the carpet, the screen shattered. The glass is really not fit for purpose in my opinion. Like one of the comments above I’ve my own phone and tablet and no damage to either. Wish I’d seen this page before buying would have bought a different make

  41. Exactly the same thing has happened to us. My daughter’s hudl was used last night with no problems. I went to use it this morning, swiped the screen and it literally broke in front of my eyes. Do not understand how it could happen. Haven’t got hold of Tescos yet.

  42. Yet another one . I blamed my daughter but she’s swears she didn’t do it. It was left charging overnight , sorry Evie. Tescos , this is disgusting , you should offer free repair l.

  43. Mine cracked too. I had it in a Belkin case, which is pretty solid. I’ve never had any other device; tablets, phones, kindle, crack on me. It is a shame as it is a nicely spec’d device.

  44. Bought at xmas, had a catastrophic system failure a couple of months ago, screen just cracked at top end near camera on the rhs. Pics sent but hopeful they will replace if they argue with me as I know this is a recognised fault with the glass used also in Sony z3 range and got sony to fix same fault almost in same place on my phone under warranty.

    • Tesco has now confirmed they will fix this morning under warranty, but only after I had pointed out so called point of impact was on wrong side so wasn’t accidental damage as they tried telling me to start with.

  45. Hi, we purchased 2 at Xmas, always kept in cases & never been dropped. Just picked it up from side to use & screen is cracked in several places & touch screen doesn’t work! Will be contacting Tesco but after reading posts don’t hold out much hope. Had also had time keeping problem from day 1 but put up with it. Just hoping our other 1 doesn’t do the same. I am concerned that a child may be injured from the glass, Tesco need to admit there’s a safety issue before somebody gets hurt!

  46. I had the same problem, Iwas having a shower wile listening to my music, via YouTube on my huddle 2. I got out the shower, sat on my bed, opened my huddle and crack! I told my mum (I’m 12) she only believed me once my step dad looked up and found others with thsame problem (most likely this sight). Its terrible, I will show this to my mum and hope she believes me more!

  47. Hi,
    My daughters Hudl 2 cracked yesterday with a hairline crack across the left side, it had been getting very hot when she was using it over the last couple of weeks and then the crack appeared whilst it was charging. The screen doesn’t work at all now and I can’t turn it off. Will be contacting Tesco today to see what they say then trading standards and watchdog by the sounds of things. It’s such a shame as they are good devices in general and we have been quite happy with them until now. I don’t understand why they don’t offer a reasonably cheap repair service as well. My iPad mini cracked where it got stepped on and we got it fixed for £40 no problem!

    • An update to this, after I contacted Tesco they told me to email pictures of the cracked screen to them so they could assess the damage. It took a month for them to finally receive the pictures on their email system and I had called several times and emailed at least five times trying to send them photos of the damage. They eventually said they needed to collect it to inspect it and would contact me to say it would either be repaired or they would ask for £59 to pay for the repair if they deemed it accidental damage. The courier didn’t turn up on the day he was booked so I had to rearrange the collection and then once it was collected I never heard anything until 10 days later a text came through to say it was being delivered back to me. I contacted Tesco again and they said it had been repaired and there would be a job sheet in the delivery to tell me what they had done. The Hudl came back all fixed and looking liking new with all our apps and everything still intact. No job sheet or any information about the repair but a good result for us. I wonder if they repaired it because of all the hassle we had trying to get them to assess the damage in the first place, who knows, but it is definitely worth pursuing if you’ve had the same problem as us.

  48. My daughters hudl 2 was purchased before Christmas and she had problems charging it and when she put it on charge last week and went back to it the screen was cracked she was always so careful with it tesco refuse to do anything they’re saying it’s accidental damage caused by us. Elaine

  49. My daughters hudl 2 lasted all of 2 weeks after Xmas. Was dropped from sofa into carpet whilst in rubber case. Cracked screen. Tesco useless!! At least I did get a response from watchdog recently who are looking into it ivo all the all complaints!

  50. My daughters Hudl 2 cracked right across the middle. I have spoken to Tesco Support about the issue this morning and the fact that this happened without anybody near it. They asked me to send in photos which I have done and they would then review and look for pressure points that may have caused this. My take on this is that as far as Tesco is concerned this is user damage unless proven otherwise which is virtually impossible to prove. Won’t be holding my holding my breath on them coming back to say this is a fault with the Hudl 2 as they don’t seem to be too bothered about it. Come on Watchdog there is obviously a fault batch of these things released in around Christmas time.

  51. Mine was in good condition and looked after (put in box after use etc) but after two weeks of moderate use a small crack appeared in the top right corner (of the same type shown in the photograph), since using it was a nightmare with the whole top half of the screen not responding to touch I left it alone for a few months. I came back to it later with an idea of how to still use it, when I started using it that day it was fine (aside from the scratch), that night after being used It developed another crack along the right hand side rendering it useless. My family have two other hudl 2 tablets, both off which experienced this problem. I have heard that watchdog are looking in to the hudl 2 tablet screens. Surely a tablet which can’t stand up to being used at all shouldn’t be marketed as a robust, family device?

  52. Good news here.. Tesco has now confirmed they will fix this morning under warranty, but only after I had pointed out so called point of impact was on wrong side so wasn’t accidental damage as they tried telling me to start with.

  53. We bought both my daughters a hudl2 for Christmas. In February she was sitting on the sofa and I asked her to come to me. She tossed it onto the sofa while she was still sitting down, about a foot in distance onto the soft furniture. The screen cracked all the way down the middle. It is in the Tesco Hudl2 silicone case. I called tesco immediately and was shocked to discover there was nothing we could do short of pay for the stupid priced repair, or buy a new one. Two months old. Can’t withstand being dropped onto a sofa from a foots distance. I’m disgusted and dont’ know what to do about it. I saved long and hard for that tablet, for it to last her two months. She’s devastated and I’m furious.

  54. My son plugged his hudl 2 in at tea time to charge. Just gone to take it off and it’s cracked right across the screen. It won’t unlock now or do anything. No one has been near it. He got it got Christmas so not that old.

  55. My son who is 14 had his for Xmas and he is not heavy handed or did he break it as I was told by email. He must have used a lot of force on it as they do not just crack. Well his did, he put it on charge over night, no crack before bed, a single line crack down the middle of the screen the next morning. Only to be told a screen replacement was £95, when a new one was £125, at the time, now they are £99, you do the maths, what are people going to do. Most will either buy a replacement, as its a similar price, or buy a different brand. I am not happy at all. All four of my children had them for Xmas, you do not pay that kind of money for it to break.I think it’s time Tesco listened to everyone who has had this same issue, it if a fault with the machine, not the person using it. Are they not designed for children? Used by all?

  56. My daughter received her Hudl2 for Christmas. Yesterday my son was watching programs on it at the dining room table His hands no where near it. Next he says it was not working. On checking it a crack has appeared from to bottom (on/off button to charging port. Called Tescos this morning to be told I need a receipt of order number. Now to call the in laws (who gave the hudl to my daughter at Christmas) to see if they have a receipt. Not impressed with the Hudl2.

  57. This just happened to my daughters hudl 2 last night she is devastated. All she did was put the charger in and it cracked at the top from one side to the other. I only bought it for her at xmas and its been in a case ever since. Its made all the worse by the fact that my daughter was born totally deaf and her only form of communication with her friends is via video messaging so she can sign to them. They’ve just broken up from their residential school for the deaf where all the children come from far and wide and wont see each other for over 7 weeks!! Ive just rung tech support who asked me to send a picture which i did. Within 2 minutes he came back to me to say that they can see there is no accidential damage and therefore i needed to send it away for further analysis… Err i dont think so… I explained all of the above and that shes also just had major spinal surgery and i didnt think it was fair of them to make her suffer further while they dallied around. He went off to speak to a manager who said as a gesture of good will, considering the circumstances, they would send a brand new (not refurbished) hudl 2 out to me which will apparently have a years guarantee. I asked him if he knew if there was a design fault and he said no, but if it gets hot the battery could be expanding against the glass and breaking it from inside! I have to say he was a very helpful young man and i was probably only on the phone for less then 15 minutes but its not the point if tesco know there is a fault they shouldnt be making people fight to get a replacement under the guarantee. Ive told my daughter in future if it starts to get hot that she should let it cool down but again she shouldnt have to do that, ive never had that problem with my ipad or ipad mini!!

    • I’m glad you got a good outcome Colette. The phone call part about it getting hot and expanding against the glass certainly does make it sound like there is a fault.

      • Yes thats what i thought because he was quick to offer that information when i said the device seems to get hot very quickly!

  58. 10 months old hudl. Put on charge on worktop. Couple of hours later noticed a spider web shape crack … Very delicate on the inside. Outer glass completely intact. Touch screen now unoperational

  59. I have a Hudl2 which was set down to charge in the living room overnight Nobody touched it, yet the following morning the screen shows stress fractures emanating from a point on the edge immediately beneath the power button. Tesco say they can repair it for £59 but that it is NOT covered by warranty. They also said it was a toughened glass screen, but that is not the case, toughened glass breaks into crumbs and not sharp shards. The glass screen is bound into a metal frame and may have had stresses lodged within it from this fastening method.
    I will be pursuing a free repair because this device has not been struck or dropped, simply used and charged. I don’t like being fobbed off.

  60. Got my Grandaugh hudl 2 Christmas just gone and cover dropped it on carpet boxing day spider crack. Did nothing she wants another one. But looking at others

  61. I bought a hudl 2 on 7 of July .put on charge on Saturday an the screen was cracked when we went back to it .
    Have telephoned tesco support an they are picking it up in 2 days to assess . will update when I know more .thanks for the help found in this blog I will go all the way with this

  62. Brought both my boys a hudl each after two repairs for charging port failures,Tesco finally replaced them with Hudl 2’s. Less than a month later both Hudl 2’s have cracked screens after being on charge over night.

  63. I bought a Hudl 2 for my son for Christmas and there are a number of cracks on the screen radiating out from the power button. It has not been dropped, so I have no explanation as to how the cracks have come about. Not yet spoken to Tesco as assumed I would get the same response as everyone else.

  64. I had my hudl 2 on, on Sunday night for my alarm, the alarm went off Monday morning, I cancelled everything, everything was fine, I turned it off, went to use it at night, turned it on, and there was this hairline crack across it. Not been to tesco’s yet, will let you know the outcome.

  65. I bought my son his hudl 2 back in January this year for his birthday and on Tuesday this week he left it to charge in the bummber case also bought at the same time as the hudl to protect it and we popped out to the shops for an hour or so. When we came back my son tried to enter his pass code and couldn’t so when I looked at the screen it had 3 large hairline cracks going from one edge to the other and smaller ones in a “v” shape at the edge. No one was using the device and after sending photos to their technicals dept I received a phone call to say it’s accidental damage which is not covered and if I want it repairs I have to pay £59 which comes with a 3 month guarantee which does not include any cover for the same thing happening again!!!!! Total rip off in my opinion. Told the advisor it wasn’t damaged and was sitting charging at the time so how can they deem it accidental. However according to their “experts” the pictures I sent confirm its been dropped!!!! How can they tell this from a picture? I am going to write to Tesco head of customer service and make a complaint as I am so disappointed in their response and lack of customer service! Didn’t even offer to have device looked at properly and making a decision on one look at a picture seem insane to me! I thought I was only person this had happened to, as according to their adviser Tesco have never received any complaints from their customers about this ever happening to the hudl 2…ever!!! Well so glad to know I am not alone and will be doing my upmost to get either a refund or screen fixed! I have one disappointed 6 year old now.

  66. My daughters has done the exact same as everyone else’s here. Cracked from the port to the other side. I blamed her at first but so glad I Googled and found this site.
    I will be straight on to Tesco in the morning.
    Thanks to everyone for contributing and making our case stronger.

  67. I also got my daughter a hudl 2 for xmas and left it in her room un played with over the weekend and when i went in to tidy her room i noticed her screen had smashed as if it had been dropped i only knew it hadnt as my daughter hadnt had. I was shockedas to what happened i rang my local tescos to explain what had happened an they told me they dont cover for replacement screens. Which seems to be the main problem with them, like a lot of other electric consoles, phones etc so why would they not provide cover for this??? #Confused!!

  68. My son had his Hudl2 for Christmas, always got hot very quickly, today took it off of charge to find a crack between the on/off switch and the charger point, more cracks appeared after half an hour, have contacted Tesco but no reply yet, I found this thread by looking up repairs for the screen, there are several forums out there all saying the same thing! This is happening to what seems like hundreds of people !

  69. Hi
    My daughter aged 8 purchased hudl2 in may2015 after a family celebration she had enough money and this was want she wanted.
    After having previously purchased 2 original hudl and haven’t bad luck with these id rather she didn’t but it was her money and this was the hudl2 her older cousin had so she couldn’t be talked out of it. Know I wish I had put my foot down and said no!!
    We put the hudl2 on charge overnite mon 3rd aug in the morning i went turned off charger open cover and at first everything seem fine until I looked closer and saw the screen had been cracked 3 large hairline cracks and a couple of smaller ones.
    My daughter was so upset as this was her pride and joy and how could she last a day without minecraft!! Lol
    Am so glad it was me who charge it and found the cracks as I would have accussed her of dropping it or being rough with it which deep down I so know that she is not as I said this tablet is well looked after and part of her.
    I went Ito tesco store and was told this wouldn’t be covered given a contact number.
    Contacted the tech support who told me that it was accidental damage £59 to fix and an extra month warranty added. Nope I thought so for the passed few nights I have been emailing and replying to email from tesco.
    I to was asked to forward photo and was told that by lookin at the photo it’s clear to see it was damaged by extreme pressure or being dropped. I find this remarkable that by just looking at a photo which isn’t very clear they can say this!
    I am so angry and annoyed as I am being made to feel llike my daugher and me are lying.
    I have again asked that my tablet is looked at by tesco to see if there was a problem as it was overheating while in use and in charge but this question has not be addressed by them. Just same email it has been dropped.
    I have noticed that in my replys it’s a different person each time and the reply is basically the same. I have been told in the last email to contact citizen advice, trading standers or get a local engineer to look at this and get a full report from them.
    In one word no why should I I purchased it from you you are responsible for the screen being fit for purpose. And more importantly it should be safe to be used in a family home who to say there isn’t a problem with it over heating and causing an electrical fire!
    Am sorry my rant is so long am just fed up being a little person being stood on by large company who can take r money but not help you when you need it and as being able to diagnose a problem from a picture these people are geniuses and wasted in there jobs!!!! I will be emailing tesco everyday for as long as I possible can!!
    Thank you Paul for letting me know that they are other people that are unhappy and hopefully we get sorted.
    Rant over!! Sorry again
    B xx

  70. I put my Hudl on charge by the side cabinet and lay down on the bed to watch after about an hour half i heard a little cracking sound by my right side ear , I picked up the hudl and found it quite hot and noticed that it was cracked along the screen , rang up tesco help line and they are coming to pick it up by courier on Wednesday 12 August , but they did say to me that it was ‘accidental damage ‘ and would have to pay £95 to get it repaired even though I had told them what had just I will have to wait and see what they are going to do as it’s only eight month old

  71. Same here, bought my girlfriends some a hudl 2 for Christmas and it’s cracked from one end to another, wasted time going to tescos all over north west for a refurbished replacement which will coat me £79 but the tech teams so far have been utterly useless, some don’t have a clue about them, or have been just told to play dumb.. Really annoyed. Will not buy from there again..

  72. Very similar story here, Hudl 2 was on charge and in the morning it was cracked. Took it to our local store, the manager there agreed it didn’t look like accidental damage but they couldn’t do anything as it was bought from Tesco Direct.

    Took it into Dundee as they have an electrical help desk, 5 guys there looked at it and all agreed it was accidental damage. Again they couldn’t do anything as it was bought online but they arranged for a courier to pick it up.

    Lo and behold, a few days later it’s a phone call advising us it was accidental damage and we’d have to pay 59 quid. I asked for details on the tests run etc but got fobbed off. Got through to a supervisor there who seemed to have some sympathy but couldn’t overrule the decision. I asked them to send the Hudl back and he said “no problem, you fight your corner”.

    Took it back to Dundee, store manager agreed it didn’t look like accidental damage but he can’t process a return without some kind of return code that he can’t get because they’ve classed it as accidental damage.

    Long story short, everyone but the engineer says it’s not accidental damage! I’ve emailed the CEO email address above and will go to Trading Standard next if I don’t get a suitable response.

    Thanks for posting up this blog piece, included a link in my email to them to highlight this isn’t an isolated incident.

  73. Same here, I bought hudle 2 for my daughter two weeks ago and this morning have hairline crack on the screen. I haven’t contacted tesco as i know there ******g answer, but will never buy again from tesco. One of the comment mention that tech support said that glass is being developed by high end phones, there is a reason why that glass never used for other tablets because of the same problem. Now i understand the cheap price!!
    Do let us know if you manage to get anything out of them.

  74. I have had exactly same problem, cracked screen whilst charging, I blamed my daughter and now I realise she was telling the truth. This is terrible, I believe Tesco are aware of this issue and are trying to just ignore it. The least they could do is provide a relatively cheap repair service, although really it should be free. I will tell everyone who will listen to me about this until this is resolved.

  75. Hi, I have the same problem as everyone else, my 8 yr old son bought his Hudl 2, in May out of his birthday money, yesterday morning, after being on charge I passed him it, only to see a crack across the screen. It has not been dropped or knocked, my lil boy is devastated, he looked after it so well, now it’s no good. I will be contacting Tesco about this.

  76. I bought the purple hudl 2 for myself, after my 18th birthday. Since going to Uni I thought it was a wise investment, I’d had the tablet for 2 weeks, and the screen is smashed to smithereens. Gutted, they won’t repair unless I pay £99.. I paid £129 in the first place! Joke!

  77. Hi we brought two hudl’s at Christmas. This morning my youngest son pick up his and his screen was cracked. I thought it had been stood on but he told me that it was on the chair. After reading all comments I am going to ring tesco tomorrow but I don’t know if it will do any good. I am now worried about the other one. Fingers crossed for tomorrow

  78. My hudl2 screen cracked whilst charging too this morning. Def not dropped. Cracked between power and volume buttons. Unusable

    • Exact same as mine
      It cracked while charging and my son was watching YouTube
      He said it crack once then the crack had branched off and got worse In the minute it took him to get me

  79. Oh i am glad i found you the same has happened my sons It was charging when went to put mine on i noticed the screen was cracked it is in a rubber case has never been dropped or had any abuse in fact i was so pleased with it I bought myself one I have contacted Tesco I will update when i hear from them .

  80. Well, Tesco have fobbed me off as expected. I’m furious to be called a liar and to have wasted my money. Is anyone actually gathering contact info here, we could approach Trading standards as a group. Or watchdog??

  81. Hi Louise I am with you on that I am so upset with Tesco when will they understand there is a fault with the Hudl 2 i even sent them a link to this blog but they did not acknowledge it maybe we should set up a FB group?

  82. i to had the same problem bought it for my disabled son worked for 8mths then a crack appeared my advice is do not buy a hudl2

  83. Hi all I’m so glad I came onto this site. We brought our son the Hudl 2 for his birthday in March within a month it got a crack down whilst charging. He’s been saying to me he didn’t drop it or anything the cracks just appeared. I feel bad now because I thought he must of dropped it, but the night we put it on charge it was in perfect condition. I’ve looked everywhere for my receipt but am unable to find it.

    I contacted a private company to repair it, was told it’d be cheaper to buy a new one.

    Please could anyone send me details to contact the support team ?

    You would have thought by now Tesco should be aware of the problem

    Many Thanks

  84. My 3 year old son had my hudl2 rested against his desk watching monster bug wars on YouTube
    He told me the battery was just about to die so I put it on charge (he had been watching it from 100% and the tablet was warm when I put it on charge
    I placed it back against his desk with a toy either side so it couldn’t move and went to make a drink when my son started crying that the tablet had broke.
    It was in the exact same place I left it less than a minute before and had a crack going straight across the middle of the screen that branched into lots of cracks near the volume and lock buttons

    It was 100% caused by heat from the tablet as the screen was very very hot as soon as I picked it up

  85. As with all other comments a hudl 2 bought at Christmas 2014 has just cracked. It was on charge and one small crack appeared and then the next day the crack continued to the other side of the screen taking it right across. I have also noted over time how the hudl would get hot and was slightly concerned with this. This has only just happened so are just about to get in touch with Tesco. Wish me luck.

  86. Again cracked screen no damage and well cared for 6 month old hudl2, tescos offered me a repair for £59 or a new hudl in the event that it couldn’t be repaired; it came back after 10 days not working and I was offered them collecting it for a second try or delivery of a new hudl the following day-satisfied I opted for a new hudl. What I recieved was a used scratched screen and casing sun faded refurbished hudl. I have had days of phone calls and emails and have been told that tescos is not responsible ‘ new’ means ‘ new to your household or family’ and not ‘ new as in brand new or boxed’ refurbished or replacement counts as long as the device works. They gave further emailed tonight to say a result of their investigation is that actually what I have is my original hudl back just with a new screen and the matter is closed, given that I started with a purple hudl( as on my receipt)! And the damaged one sitting here is turquoise I do not agree the matter is closed. They have refused to refund even the cost of the repair, I have now pays £129 for the hudl £59 for repair 3 sets of screen savers so frustrated!

  87. Glad I’m not the only one. The first hudl2 we had screen cracked while in my daughters hand. Again I said she must of dropped it but she was so upset it was obvious she hadn’t. Used club card vouchers to get another one which last week screen also smash while my daughter was going to sit down with it. I knew tesco wouldn’t do anything as one was a replacement for our original hudl with had a charging fault. I had to go to head office and place a complaint with trading standards to get them to replace the hudl with a hudl 2. So I have been through about 8 units and I’m still left with 2 broken hudls. Will never purchase any electrical goods from tesco again. I

  88. Yet another case here. Left on charge, returned and there’s a hairline crack right across the screen. Touch input not recognised not so effectively a paperweight. Bought mid way through May. Contacted tesco live support, £59 charge to replace the screen as not covered by warranty. Explained was not in use whilst charging and within Tesco’s own soft protective case but told the case is purely cosmetic.
    Disappointed :(

  89. It’s great to realise others have had the same problem with their Hudl’s. Ours is a similar story. My 7 year old son came to me saying his screen had frozen and the device became very hot. I suggested we shut it down to leave it to cool and check it later. We carefully placed it on the kitchen table. It has always been handled with care and it hadn’t been dropped prior to a large hairline crack then appearing across the screen when we came to check it about 5 mins later. I immediately contacted Tesco customer service who put me in touch with their engineers. We are waiting for a response but I won’t let this drop and will persue this for a favourable outcome. This must be a design fault that clearly needs rectifying. Thank you for posting!

  90. Long story short

    Hudl 2 screen cracked- wrote to CEO put on Twitter
    Yes I refused to do anything….

    Bought a new one- again screen cracked in the same place
    Not dropped just cracked in its own

    Yes I eventually agreed to send them off and said someone would call me

    No one has called but I now have 2 hudl 2s with their screens replaced returned to me in the post!

    Have spoken to yes I about a refund on at least one of the units and they have refused
    As their notes say the usb was replaced as a good will!!

    I would never have bought the 2nd hudl if they had sorted out the first one!
    Any ideas where to go from here

  91. Update ** Tesco REFUSE to admit that there is an Issue with the Hudl 2 they will not replace my sons but offer a repair for £59 i even went into the store and they tried for me i contacted them on FB again no once tech team has said no thats it so so not happy but where do we go from here? any advice

  92. Just had exactly same issue, top right hand corner where reverse side has camera. Boiling hot to the touch when in use so definately a thermal issue with lack of heat dissipation. Waiting on Tesco Tech coming back to me but think I’ll raise this further now.

  93. Hi, I bought 3 hudl2s, the first one had to be replaced the same day as after charging it would not load. 2 weeks later one of the others just died, they replaced that there and then, 3rd one had just stopped loading then died today, 5 months after I bought it, they are collecting it tomorrow to repair (hopefully) now I am just waiting for the screens to crack! It’s a shame as they seemed to be such good devices, I even got my sister to buy one for her self. Fingers crossed hers is ok or I will feel terrible recommending it.

  94. Hi my son has got up this morning picked up his hudl 2 , powered it up but has noticed a big crack starting at the hdmi port and going off in several directions . Was fine yesterday, crack has appeared overnight resting on a table.
    I will be phoning tescos today but not holding my breath, I had the same problem with three Sony experia phones which have cracked and sony say it’s physical damage.

  95. Had exactly the same problem with my hudl it was fine one minute then cracked across the corner. I’d been a huge fan of hudls until this. Just waiting for delivery of a new tablet that’s not a hudl!

    What is the possibility of a class action against tesco?

  96. Hi Cathy, and everyone. I have created a facebook group – AnotherBrokenTescoHudl
    i hope we can discuss our experiences collectively, and see if we can find a way to get tesco to listen to us.
    please join the group. lets not get fobbed off!

  97. Hello, we have experienced the same! A crack appeared whilst my son’s Hudl2 was on charge. It has never been dropped and always been treated gently. I have been told by Tesco it will cost £59 to repair yet it is a fault with the product. I have one very sad 7 year old!

  98. Fwiw, as most of these screen failures appear to happen when the hurl is being charged, it may be helpful to note there are reports about these types of battery pack used in hudl’s and other tablets etc . Apparently these can delaminate and swell during charging thus putting pressure on other components ( the screen in particular) .
    This leads to the screen cracking and in some cases it’s said the two halves of the tablet are forced apart altogether by the delaminating pressure alone.

  99. I bought my husband a huddle 2 for his birthday as I have one and not had any problems. After six weeks it was put on charge and when he returned to take it off charge it was found with a cracked screen which definitely had not been there before. The same result as other people Tesco engineer said if we want this repaired we would have to pay £59. I think this is disgusting we buy the huddle to use not abuse, not only are we out of pocket but being without a tablet altogether and Tesco reaping the rewards from the money we have already paid for the pad. Something should be done when so many people are experiencing the same problem. I wonder if watchdog might get involved.


  100. Hi all. I contacted Dave Lewis back in April by email and have had no reply as of yet.

    Cracked screen. Not dropped. two hairline cracks that start above the middle of the screen just down from the HDMi port.

    Not sure what to do next. Too big for a Paper weight and seems too good to throw out.

  101. Hi, I’m having similar problems. I bought a hudl 2 for my son for Christmas past. I had it replaced in February due to overheating. However I thought the problem had been solved. Last Friday the hudl 2 overheated and the screen cracked on its own. We have contacted tech support and they are saying that it isn’t covered under the warranty so our only option is to pay £59 to get it repaired Or get an independent review of damage and cost to repair. Send the independent review into them and they will reassess the situation, which will probably mean the same outcome.

  102. Just wanted to add that the exact same thing has happened to my sons hudl, put in charge then hair line crack appeared from nowhere

  103. Just to add another victim to the list: Hudl2 screen cracked during normal usage. No pressure, impact or stress involved. Customer Service playing the “accidental damage” card. The diagnostics of the “engineers” very quickly formed this opinion from the photo I supplied. Has anybody had an different response? I requested an opportunity to speak with an “engineer”…. Unsurprisingly denied.

  104. I am on our 2nd Hudl. ( 1st one was dropped by my son and screen shattered- was in case and only dropped about 12inch. But thought accidental damage) I then bought another hudl2 but got big bumper case and made sure we was extra careful with it then after my daughter was playing on it, only 25minutes, said it felt hot and battery was low. So I powered off and plugged in to charge…i went to pick it up minutes later and the screen was cracked… That’s no accident… That’s a thermo fault causing the glass to shatter.. I will be going down all routes to get this refunded and won’t be buying one again.. Shame really as other than that they are a good tablet

  105. Bought my son the hudl2 and 25 days later the screen cracked, without it being mishandled, across the middle. Tesco took it in to investigate and have deemed it as accidental damage. It was returned today unfixed.
    Have requested a copy of their findings as I would like further investigation.
    It’s encouraging to see people having resolved the issue with Tesco but frustrating that they won’t acknowledge they’re at fault.

    Thanks for the blog post

    • I had a call back after emailing the ceo address at the top of the blog, and success! They offered vouchers for the value of the hudl2 and when I pointed out that I’d also bought a hudl2 case they added the cost of the case too. They still didn’t admit there was a fault but the guy who called was very apologetic about the treatment I’d received.

      So don’t give up!

      Btw, has anyone come up with a new use for their broken hudl? Just curious what to do with it now that it’s been replaced by a functioning Samsung.

  106. Yet another hairline screen crack across the creen of 6 months old Huddle2 where the power button is while it was on charge, next morning very dissapointed child :( waiting to hear from Technical support, but don’t think that they admit that is manufacturing fault!

  107. My youngest son put his Hudl 2 on charge next to my desktop PC whilst I was updating my schools website. About 30 minutes later I heard a kind of popping noise coming from it, I picked it up (it was quite warm) and turned it on, to find the screen was cracked! I’ll be contacting Tesco in the morning.

  108. Another cracked Hudl 2 screen here. Three cracks radiating out from the edge, which happened spontaneously while it was charging.

    Tescos initially happy to pick it up for “repair” – I mentioned this blog and there was no argument, no request for photos etc. – however today I received a phone call from Camtronix who told me there was an admitted and known fault with screen cracks on Hudl 2s but that Tescos were telling them to only repair ones with cracks in certain places, all others to be deemed as accidental damage and I’d need to contact Tesco to get them to authorise the repair.

    Rang Tesco again, they refuse to do anything but charge me £59 to repair it and say that they picked it up for “inspection” not “repair”!

    They say that Camtronix say it’s accidental damage, end of story. Explained what Camtronix told me, no change. Escalated to supervisor, he was clearly running off a script of ‘accidental damage = you pay’ and would not listen to any reason. He said “There is no problem with the Hudl 2”, that people posting on Facebook/Twitter/forums are all causing the damage themselves because the ones they’ve “investigated” have all been “accidental damage”.

    Told him I’d be quite happy to remove my custom from Tesco forevermore, he was entirely OK with that. So for the sake of 20 quid or whatever the real cost of repair is, that’s my custom gone, my boss was about to buy at least a couple of Hudl 2s… he now won’t.

    And I guess I have to do the stupid dance of emailing the CEO, getting trading standards involved etc.

    No wonder Tescos are circling the plughole.

    • Camtronics have given me more details on what Tesco define as accidental damage, and that is any screen damage that isn’t a *single* crack running vertically down the screen (if unit held in landscape mode) from near the power button. My unit has three cracks radiating from a point to the right of the power button, and is therefore, under Tesco’s rules, “accidentally damaged” and Camtronics have to report it as such. There’s no real inspection going on, just a bit of flowchart following. And then Tesco refuse to repair it under warranty because Camtronics state it is – as Tesco require them to say – “accidental damage”.

      Tesco are acting like total crooks.

  109. Another victim here, my sons hudl 2 screen cracked whilst charging. Tesco diagnosed ‘accidental damage’ by a photo. Apparently we are all liars. Way to keep your customers Tesco.

    FYI: If you purchase an OTG cable/dongle like the one listed below for £1.18, you can plug a mouse into the tablet and still at least make some use of it while we wait for tesco to admit there is a problem..

    eBay item number:

  110. Hello,
    Please be aware of this issue that Tesco HUDL 2 Screen does Crack by itself . It happened in my case as well from overheating which is another issue with Tesco HUDL 2 but I was coping well with over heating issue until the screen cracked by itself. I contacted Tesco and they agreed to replace or fix the issue since I was under guarrabtee period. But they returned the item without replacing the screen and with a note that the issue will be resolved since we have updated the software. Contacted again and they collected again to replace the screen. But today received a call from Camtronics, repairs service for Tesco that they can not replace the screen because they think it is an accidental damage. Pointed out that this is a well known issue, TESCO HUDL 2 SCREEN CRACK BY ITSELF, but they did not take that in cosideration. They asked me to pay the fee to replace the screen which I declined and TESCO HUDL 2 SCREEN CRACK BY ITSELF, will be returned to my address. So, please be aware of this common issue ; TESCO HUDL 2 SCREEN CRACK BY ITSELF & IT DOES GET OVERHEATED.

  111. Another ex-Tesco-customer.
    I too have had the same issue – 4 cracks radiating from a single crack on the side. All happened whilst on charge overnight. Again, I’m a liar. Thank you for the ebay item above, we will try that and at least get some use. Screen is totally unresponsive – why is that when kids today walk around with utterly trashed mobile screens which will still respond?
    I got nowhere with the helpline – they diagnosed with a photo. I told them this was totally inappropriate as no professional engineer would do such a thing. They also failed to tell me their engineers qualifications.
    Having failed to make any progress over the phone, I took my sons Hudl 2 to my local store and the lovely tech guy there said, this is obviously not accidental damage, but no-one on the Tesco tech helpline would over-rule a decision based on a photo as opposed to their technical guy who had it in his hands.
    Maybe if the techline wasn’t contacted and the Hudl simply taken into the store – there might have been a better outcome.
    Anyway, I’ve registered my complaint with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute helpline 03454 04 05 06 and suggest everyone does the same until Tesco accepts the fault.

  112. Wish I’d seen this site before I bought hudl2 for my very excited 5 year old’s birthday present. He has treated it very delicately and only played with it in my presence, I used it after my son went to bed and left it by my bedside table to use the alarm clock. In the morning, my son went to play on it and we realised there were 2 cracks on it and several hairline cracks too. One side of the screen, the only bit that responds to touch is very hot, the other, which doesn’t respond to touch is cold. My son had this hudl for 5 days! He’s taken it so well that he cannot use it while we decide what to do, hence my googling hudl screen repair and coming across this site, had already jumped a few steps of logic that Tesco would say accidental damage so was just going to try and get it fixed ourselves, frustrating! won’t be buying from Tesco again!

    • Hi yes mine hudl2 touchscreen is not working at all after those cracks c much annoyed of tesco let’s report this to BBC watchdog 65 cases have been reported so far

  113. I purchased a HUDL 2 in June and while it was charging last week I heard a pop and the screen was blown. Im currently emailing back and for with Tesco helpline. Will keep you updated on my progress but atleast there is evidence on here to prove to them we are not making this up and it was not ‘accidentaly damaged’ by means of dropping the device etc.

  114. I had exactly the same issue, which I blamed at my son despite he kept denying it, only when I googled it and saw this post I realize he was actually telling the truth.

    Anyhow, Tesco have refused to accept the responsibility, as usual.

    I have written to citizen advice with the details and awaiting for their response.

    Is anyone else hudl have stopped responding to the touch after crack? It powers on, but won’t respond.

  115. We bought our daughters hudl 2 in October 2014 for her xmas. On the 27/09/15 my husband had taken it of charge closed all the apps and placed it on the worktop with the bookcase closed a few minutes later it was picked up and had 3 cracks radiating from the hdmi port to the power button. We contacted tesco straight away and were advised to send photographs so that their engineer could astablish weather it was accidental damage. When we inspected the hudl it appeared that the hdmi socket was melted on the inside so we sent these pictures in too. Received a phone call a day later saying it was accidental damage I question under what grounds. Was told to go to trading standards or get an independent report done. I chose to complain to tesco instead and they quickly contacted me to have it picked up for inspection. Have just received a phone call 23/10/15 asking me for £59 so they could repair! I explained to the lady I was not paying for something that broke by itself, she asked what happened and went to speak to the engineer. She then comes back and says everything will be fixed free of charge and it should be back with us very soon. When this 1st happened I had no hope of this getting repaired but I was never gonna give it up after all I knew it wasn’t accidental damage. I don’t know how they determine accidental damage or why they said on 2 occasions mine was accidental damage to then change their mind and repair it. Good luck to all with the same problem persistence is key!

  116. Yes, my daughter’s Hudl also got cracks (around the camera and radiating out from it). I’ve sent the required photos and also sent a copy of the email from the glass company. If I get any stupid talk of “accidental damage” I will be going directly to the Tesco MD and then onto Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 as the number of faults occurring would make for a very interesting investigation.

    • Hi people same happened to my Hudl2 I sent it back to tesco but they said its accidental damage but watched programme of watchdog wherein they said report to us and we il do whatever we can as at the moment only 65 hudl2 mysterious cracks cases have been reported to watch dog let’s report it and we il have a voice together thanks

  117. Oh, by the way. I was told by a Tesco electrical desk employee yesterday that there were no Hudl 2’s in any store. Could it be that Tesco are withdrawing them???

  118. My son’s Hudl 2 screen has also cracked out from the on button in a fan shape. He was using it at the time, sitting on the settee with the machine plugged in. I was in the room with him and he wasn’t doing anything untoward, he just suddenly said, “My screen’s cracked!”. It certainly wasn’t dropped and he wasn’t bashing it, just using it in the manner a tablet is intended to be used. I will be contacting Tesco but don’t hold out much hope going by the posts on here.

  119. My son’s Hudl 2 screen has also cracked out from the on button in a fan shape. He was using it at the time, sitting on the settee with the machine plugged in. I was in the room with him and he wasn’t doing anything untoward, he just suddenly said, “My screen’s cracked!”. It certainly wasn’t dropped and he wasn’t bashing it, just using it in the manner a tablet is intended to be used. I will be contacting Tesco but don’t hold out much hope going by the posts on here…

  120. This just happened to ours too, only problem is it is now out of warranty having been bought 15/10/14 (for Xmas). Going on store tomorrow to see what can be done. Bookmarked this blog to show them in store. Wish me luck….

  121. My hudl has just been collected for analysis. the crack started from the hdmi port it’s small hairline crack. I will
    Keep you all updated but when I was on the phone to the tech support apparently they no longer have any stock left anywhere so will be a screen replacement at £59 if it’s classed as accidentall damage !! Even said that a small drop months ago can be the cause of the crack do they honestly think that we’re all stupid ??? I ain’t paying it and i will be going to trading standards as it’s clearly a fault with the hudl !!

    • Report it to BBC watchdog here as well as only 65 cases so far have been reported if we report more watchdog il initiate some steps to contact tesco with regards to Hudl2 issues link is as below

  122. My hudl2, bought 5-10–15 failed in exactly the same way as many others here. Cracked across the screen from the hdmi port and the screen no longer responds. Took it back to store, very helpful but as over 14days, we had to photograph and forward to customer services. Got a phone call this morning to say that senior engineers had looked at the photo and determined that it is accidental damage! And £59 to fix an item less than a month old!! What utter toss , it is clearly not fit for the purpose it was intended and we should have a full refund. Tesco think we are all lying scumbags and treat us thus. I have never endured such a painful phone call and now I never want another penny spent with such a disgusting company. I plan to return to the store again tomorrow and see if I get any sense from the store manager. If I get a refund I won’t be spending it there. Wondered if all hudl owners good start a joint action against Tesco along with trading standards and watchdog?

  123. And another one to add to the ever growing list, 6 months old always cased from new and never leaves my wife’s dressing room table as only used for watching tv whilst getting ready, called Tech Support and told to email photos etc as now seems the norm for this problem.As she works at another retailer within a large Tesco complex she popped to the electrical desk with it today but was told only Tech Support could deal with it, interestingly she was also told that the Hudl is now longer stocked and discontinued, coincidence???

    • Update on this, had no response from TTS so rang them to be told that after looking at the photos provided that it is deemed accidental damage end of. Asked for a supervisor and told him that I would obtain a independant report and then file a small claims for cost of Hudl plus any associated costs for the report. He then said lets have it back first for us to access. I also asked how the hell they can tell from just photos how the screen cracked and give a final decision this way. I questioned him if it’s to do with expansion due to heat from the battery when charging but he said it’s not that but the glass itself so they do know there is a problem with the glass.

  124. Same thing happened my daughters hudl2 I bought her for her birthday.first started with charging problems .losing it charge quickly and turning itself of intermitentlely.then after been on charge for a few hours my girlfriend unplugged to discover 3 large cracks across the screen starting from the power on button forking out.

  125. Another one to add to your ever growing list. My Hudl 2 cracked at the point of the charging port. At first I thought my son had accidentally sat on it but he was adamant he hadn’t touched it. Thankfully after the help of Google I quickly realised he was not at fault :). Have written to Tesco but expect the same stock answer. Have also written to Watchdog already so hope as many people keep doing this to keep up the pressure on Tesco.

  126. Success. Went back to the Tesco store I bought from and told the deputy store manager the story of my experience with the technical support team wanting the £59 to replace the screen and their obstructive nature which will lose them customers. They were great in store and appalled by the device I had received. Full refund including the case followed immediately. Well done Tesco. I pointed out that a company that spends so much on generating customer loyalty ( clubcard etc) is shooting itself in the foot with their handling of the hudl defects and its negative publicity. I also started by asking if I could register a complaint about their technical help line we have all had the misfortune to be forced to call. Good luck to those who try taking it back to store. I kept it super friendly and calm , it’s not their fault in store and they are following head office instructions and scripts. However store management do seem to have the power to make their own decisions. If it was a third party device they would be giving their supplier grief over it damaging their rep and clawing back costs from them. Just cos the hudl is their commissioned product, that they have either skimped on quality or cocked up the design of , they expect us to pay for it. Amazing how such bad decisions can be made by senior management. It should certainly be bad for the share price.

  127. I have just talked to Tesco tech support after having logged a call due a hairline crack appear vertically – landscape mode, on the screen overnight. Touch no longer works on half of the screen. I purchased in August and the crack appeared a couple of weeks ago. This Hudl2 was protected in their rubber case and was not dropped and it is a mystery as to how this has even happened. Sent them pictures and they are to collect and give me a verdict. Quoted £59 for repair if they determine it was accidental damage. There is no shattering or feathering of the glass. I await Tescos verdict. I have succesfully replaced an Ipad and phone screen which fell on kitchen floor and both shattered with feathered, shards appearing on the screen but were still usable. This crack is not like that. Will keep posted.

    • ** UPDATE ** Tesco repaired and returned my Hudl2 repaired and at no cost. Hopefully this will be the end of it. I am delighted with the outcome on this occasion. Thank you Tesco.

  128. Omg I wish if seen this before I a) told my son off for not looking after his hudl properly although he protested his innocence after finding the screen shattered and b) not purchased a second hudl only for the screen to shatter again when it was on charge!!

  129. The same thing here with my son’s Hudl2. A crack across the screen – it just appeared one morning, it wasn’t dropped or damaged by anyone or anything. I’ve just written to Tesco Tech Support to find out what they will do. If they don’t refund or replace I’m prepared to take the issue futher, especially as my 9 year old used all his savings to pay for it :(

    • Just a little update – Tesco asked me to email them a photo of the screen with the cracks showing. They have now replied to say that it cannot be attributed to a manufacturing defect. I can pay them £59 to repair it. Next step Watchdog.

  130. **UPDATE**
    Just received a text saying device is being delivered back to me tomorrow. I called tech support to ask why I haven’t been called before them sending it back to me without any options ( thinking it was still cracked ) but they have repaired the screen for free as they said it was covered under warrenty since the crack wasn’t accidental and it was a fault of the device.
    so good luck everyone keep trying as I think they have now noticed they have a fault :)

  131. Hi Everyone, another cracked screen here! I used it to watch Netflix on Wednesday, when I had finished I put it away in a drawer where it’s always kept. I went to use it last night and there’s a crack. I’ll be contacting Tesco today so wish me luck!

  132. Oh no, now my sons Hudl2 less than a year old has just stopped working. It has overheated and made a cracking sound before it went off. Will no longer charge and I could not touch it. So a potential fire risk. He saved for six months to get it! at the age of 8 and it now gutted. That’s both my sons and daughters Hudl2s broken down ion the space of a month. What a piece of junk!!! WIll be ringing this in also.

    • ** UPDATE ** Tesco repaired and returned my second faulty Hudl, so I am very happy with the outcome. Thank you Tesco for doing the right thing.

  133. Brought 8 Hudll 2’s in June 15 for use at work as well specd. 3 weeks ago return to one of hudl’s that is charging to find a hairline crack across from side to side. Had been meaning to take back and return with spills and protection package I brought but befor I got round to it was to,d another’s one so ply went pop while being used and screen has cracks all over and all angles. Contacted Tesco who said email pics. Within and hour i was told the first one would be collected and inspected. Ut they stated the second (with multiple cracks) had not been caused by faulty manufacturing and as such I would have to pay £59 for repair. I told them what I thought and states ii would be in touch with trading standards and also Tesco CEO but they didn’t seem to be that bothered and blurted the same script as the guy In the store had initially stated – they have obviously been given a script.. He eventually agreed to collect both and have them inspected. Incidentally, the guy in the shop told me to get one replaced under the damage policy I purchased, but told me to say “it had been dropped” as they would only repair it if you said you had damaged it!! I told him I would not do that and did t see why I should have to use my accidental damage policy to have a faulty unit repaired and that’s when he put me onto the help desk.. Will let u kinky what happens, they are collecting Tuesday…

  134. Bought 2 hudl’s for my twins in October having previously had kindles (which still work just battery life very short but 2 years old) Sunday 15th I put on charge on the kitchen worktop @1600 returned at 19.20 he asked where it was, so I fetched and noticed the crack. In landscape one crack from the power button to the base and the screen touch doesn’t work to the RHS. Emailed tesco Sunday, no reply… Phoned Tuesday and told to photo and email but screen replacement £59 as accidental damage, not interested in the fact on charge and not used. Refused and sent email as requested , next day no reply so sent another email, still no reply so today Thursday 19th went into tesco Folkestone. They are NOT interested and just refer to technical help line so emailed again copying in watchdog and tesco customer services. Also joining the hudl facebookpage. Will keep informed but not too hopeful.

  135. My sons father (my ex) got him a Hudl 2 which came as part of a tesco mobile phone contract for his Christmas last year. I became very concerned at how hot it became soon after he got it. He put it on his desk at night and got up the next day and there were several fractures in it that crossed over each other and came from the same side as the charger input, and has not worked since. This happened about April last year. It took his father several months to get around to taking it in to tesco. He was told that it was not covered by any warranty and if he wanted it fixed he would have to pay for it. There was no suggestion wither it was accidental damage or manufacture fault by tesco just that it was not covered. The kind of man he is who does not like confrontation accepted that and walked away. My son has went back to using his original hudl and has started asking if he can get a hudl 2 again for Christmas as he loved it. I thought I would look into getting it fixed myself and came across this. I am thinking that although this was a free product, it was used to entice customers to take out a contract and therefor Tesco have an obligation to fix or repair, as it was never accidentally damaged ??

  136. Another cracked screen to report. My daughter said it had cracked by itself but I thought even if it did nobody would ever believe her. This page came up on google so I’ve added to the watchdog complaint. will ring Tesco in hope

  137. I bought both my children hudl2 last Christmas, 10months ago. Both have rubber casing and protective screen plastic.
    My sons was on charge when he heard a hiss and then the screen cracked. It emanates from the power button. I phoned Tesco and they gave me an email to send my pictures to. After 3weeks they phoned me back with the conclusion that it must have been dropped at some point and then the screen has cracked through charging.
    I disputed their fob off claim but they refused to do anything.
    I have reported the incident to watch dog and I’m spreading the word also. Tesco need to stand up and admit their faults and reimburse people.

  138. My daughters hudl2 cracked the other day. Her grandad bought it for her only 3 months ago. She was on it for about 5 minutes, the screen flashed for a second and the crack appeared. She didn’t drop it. He’s taking it into tesco today so will let you know how he gets one. Not holding out much hope after reading above comments.

  139. hudl 2 was left on charge overnight and in the morning the screen was cracked.
    On a closer inspection its just the digitiser part of the screen.
    Looking at related posts thats the problem?
    The digitiser its so called glued to the screen.
    The heat from charging the battery overnight causes glass to expand at diff rates.

    The digitiser screen is thin & weaker so breaks with heat.
    Computer Technician / IT Engineer

    Watchdog now have details.

    Thanks for your un supporting service TESCO.

    Just like on the link. put the blame on users.

  140. Same here. Two Hudl2s with cracked screens in the last couple of weeks after 5 months of use. Not dropped, hit, splashed and in protective cases…. Tesco’s saying its “accidental damage” from a couple of photos….

  141. My sons Hudl2 has cracked while on charge with the cracks starting at the on/off button. Although purchased on Nov 2014 it did not start getting used until Xmas day so has been used for 10 months only. I seriously thought after looking online and seeing many people with the same issue that Tesco would simply replace the screen as it is obviously not fit for purpose. How wrong I was.
    After sending three photos of the crack I was told that it has been caused by the “accidental damage”. I know that this is not the case but how can I prove it? The Hudls was always in the official Tesco case and with screen protectors. It is immaculate condition with no marks or scratches to either the case or the unit itself.
    After sending an email to say I disagree with the accidental damage assessment I have received another email stating this again and saying I am entitled to obtain a second opinion and contact trading standards. I also asked for a customer service email and have been given an email to send to their CEO office.

    I will be sending an email to this address and copying Watchdog as after seeing all the issues with the screens and the fact that it has now been discontinued I believe that is a fault with many of the Hudl2.

    Not confident about getting this issue resolved to our satisfaction but after being a Tesco customer for many years my family will never purchase any items from them again on principle. That includes in store, direct or fuel.

  142. Iv had the exactly same problem with two hudl 2s we took the latest back to tescos to be told they work there six days a week and never had one fetched back so carnt be that big a problem

  143. I’ve had exactly the same problem with my Hudl 2. I left it on charged overnight on a table and the next morning their was two hair line cracks in the screen. There is no other damage at all and has never been dropped. The Hudl 2 is only 5 months old and when I contacted Tesco I got no where. :(

  144. My 6 year old son was sat on the sofa off school with chicken pox. There was a loud noise and he started to cry and in his hands his hudl 2 with the screen shattered. Only 7 months old. Tablet very hot. Sent photos as requested by tesco tech but reading all these comments does not give me much hope .

    • apparently I’m a lying, due to the crack pattern, tried explaining that my son was holding it and that a crack appeared first and then it almost bent in his hands hence the other crack pattern, furious and they made this assessment via photos, furious and disgusted with Tesco.

  145. Same thing just happened this morning to our boys Hudl 2, has been looked after carefully, was on charge on a table overnight and now has a crack (almost straight) down (if held horizontally) the screen about 1.5 inch from the left side. We will be contacting Tesco to let them know the situation and will also probably contact Watchdog, as it seems clear that there is some kind of fault/bad manufacturing causes the issue.

  146. We’ve had 2 go this way – one cracked in my laptop bag when travelling, despite carrying laptops and ipads for years without trouble. The replacement just cracked last night in my son’s bed where it was charging during the day while he was at school. Cracked from near the mini HDMI port.

  147. Hi all
    I bought 8 hudl 2 for my children in July 2015.
    3 have now cracked I am so annoyed the children all have cases and are all charged by me and looked after.
    I have not been in contact with tesco as reading it seems they are going to blame it on us.
    Not sure what to do next but have three very disappointed children

  148. You are not alone in your frustration against Tesco regarding the Hudl. Please check out and join our Facebook group AnotherBrokenHudl which is growing by the day. I would also urge every one of you to make a nuisance of yourselves by contacting the CEO Dave Lewis
    Tesco house, Delamere Rd, Cheshunt, Herts EN8 9SL. Also look at Facebook group Aspokesmansaid. This is a consumer group who takes on retailers on behalf of us. Good luck in your fight.

  149. My hudl2 screen is not cracked but has come has away from the casing at one side and gets extremely hot while charging . going back to Tesco tomorrow!

  150. Took my hudl 2back today . It is only 7 months old and still i n manufacturer s guarantee and we have drops and spills insurances on it too. Tesco store cannot replace it as they no longer stock Hudl. Assistant told me they were a discontinued line. He phoned the tech department for me and I had to speak to them. Now have to photograph the damage and send to Tesco and they will decide what to do next…..

  151. We’ve had our sons Hudl 2 screen crack after 7 months.
    The best way to get an answer is to e-mail the CEO customer services as previously given.
    However, don’t be hopeful for a satisfying response, they couldn’t even get our name right.
    (I’ve since bought a new Fire which I’ve been told by the user is better!)
    I’ve also out of curiosity dismantled the Hudl, and it’s really quite flimsy compared to other tablets/phones. Therefore with high heat loads and minor flexing I do wonder if the unit is really fit for purpose.
    Tescos will hide behind the accidental damage excuse and until someone gets an independent report done (which is probably more costly than a replacement or repair), that exposes the product.

  152. Just off phone with a manger at tech help. Won’t fix my son’s hudl 2 damaged screen as they say it must have been accidental damage. Like most others on here it was on the charger and then had these hairline like cracks across screen. This is his 3rd hudl as the other 2 developed other faults. Any wonder they discontinued these tablets. I am very cross and just about to start a letter to the customer service centre and I will also send a copy to the ceo. I shop weekly in tesco but will not set foot inside one of their stores again.

  153. I have just discovered my daughter’s hudl 2 with a shattered screen, she is fast asleep and it is in another room. She is going to be gutted in the morning. I was the last person to use it and it was fine but slightly unresponsive. It’s over a year old now so no chance of Tesco trying to Help :-(.

    • Son has had hudl 2 since august last year, it started getting warm when charging up, put it on charge one night, woke up the next morning with a crack from one side to the other from the charging port straight across. always kept in a case and never dropped, screen is immaculate apart from the crack, rang tesco hudle helpline, have been told to take it to my nearest store and take it from there!

  154. Well well. My stepson cracked his screen, accident mind but I was looking forma replacement, I find this page then I go an check the screen on my hudl2 (I also have a nexus 7 2013) so my hudl2 is a spare and rarely if ever gets used and is always stored in its original box. Guess what? Single Hairline crack from the volume up button about an inch down.. Still have receipt buts its one month out of warranty, what little value it was anyway. Never been dropped, not a mark on it or scratch on the screen.. Unbelievable!!!!!!!! I would not have checked if it was for these posts!!

    Also UK law I believe is 24 months warranty not 12 months. This is a little known fact!!

  155. I have bad experiences with Hudl 1 and Hudl 2
    First one was to do with the battery charger.
    Second and LAST Hudl 2 was cracked screen.
    “Accidental Damage”!!! have offer to fix it for £59 pounds.
    Not surprise not Hudl 3. Very disappointed with TESCO

  156. I have a Hudl 2 and a crack a appeared on the screen..a hairline crack .it’s always kept in its case ,and I never dropped it…I have a Hudl 1 which has been problems .I will take my Hudl 2 back to Tescos…I’ve only had it a matter of weeks..the 13th of May 16…,to be exact …

  157. My son had a Hudl 2 that I thought was fab and cheap but it cracked after a short time in owning it I thought it was him he has always said it wasn’t but I have to admit after reading this it is making me wonder now. (to late for us to contact Tesco now as it has been in a cupboard for over a year not collecting dust in its crack) I then got a Hudl 2 for my self as I liked my sons so much, but with in a short time mine started having problems I would put it on charge every night and every morning would wake to it not being fully charged the % going down and down until eventually it wouldn’t charge at all or even turn on. I didn’t think to contact Tesco thinking they would just say it was down to me. But Tesco did send DPD out to pick it up today so fingers cross it will be sorted. Such a shame the Hudl 2 could have been a fantastic tablet.

    • Yes. Very similar. Hudl2on charge overnight. Cracked screen in morning. I blamed my 12year old daughter, but now feel bad. Hudl has 2hairline cracks from vol button to front camera and one from front camera to hdmi port. Screen wont work so cant turn off. Also it now wont charge. Not sure I worth looking into fixing? It is 5 months out of warranty. I know they are classed as budget but I cant afford to buy my daughter a new tablet every 17 months.

  158. My tesco hudl 2 screen cracked today while on charge. it’s never been out of casing, dropped nor damaged in any way. I am amazed to discover so many people have experienced the very same problem. This has to be a manufacturing fault and Tesco should be replacing these screens without charge.

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