Slugs (Attacking all the plants)

This is the only other problem I’m having at the moment,Although this has eased off since implementing the solution below.

These slimy things would attack all and any of my plants if they could. It’s amazing how they manage to climb up things and get into the greenhouses.

I’ve sometimes gone into the greenhouse in the morning to find one or two stuck to the roof.

The method I’ve used to get rid of the Slugs is by using other insects called nematodes, These have been used for quite some time by professional growers but are now available to everyone.

What these miniscule insects do is seek out the slugs underground and stop them feeding within a few days. The good news is that they only attack slugs and not other plants. They also pose no threat to animals or people and leave no chemicals in the soil.

When you purchase nematodes you receive a solution you mix with water, You then simply pour it over your soil using a watering can.

We used this solution over a year ago and are still seeing a large reduction in slugs even now, Although the manufacturers advice you to use a new batch every yet.