Lot’s of Fresh Hydroponic Strawberries

All my strawberry systems seem to be working very well at the moment, After only a few weeks each plant is providing several fresh strawberries every day or so.

Here are a few pictures of the strawberry plants at the moment.


First Strawberries in the Flood and Drain System

First Strawberries in the Flood and Drain System


First Strawberries in the Aeroponic System

First Strawberries in the Aeroponic System


The strawberry plants in the water culture system

First Strawberries in the Water Culture System, Unfortunately I’ve eaten the ripe ones at the moment so you can’t see them.

The only thing I’ve been having to do on a nearly daily basis is to check for greenfly or whitefly. A few leaves have had quite a few of these nasty insects trying to destroy them. I’ve found the easiest way to get rid of them is simply to check each leaf in turn for them and simply squish them with your fingers. It’s not the nicest thing to have to do but it’s a lot better for the plants than spraying them every time you see them, and it only takes a few minutes each day.

Whitefly (On Pepper plants)

This is of the other common problems I occur, Fortunately at the moment it only seems to occur on the Pepper plants and only in one greenhouse (The plastic one, Though I’m not sure why)

I have tried some of the ideas displayed around the internet such as using a solution of water & washing up liquid, Unfortunately not which must success.

The water and milk solution I use on the cucumbers above seems to help slightly.

At the moment though the way I get rid of the whitefly is quite simple albeit a little long winded. I purchased a rechargable low power portable vacuum cleaner normally used for vacuuming cars. Now every week or so I go around the plants with Whitefly and vacuum all the whitefly off the plants.

This is 100% successfully, Although you do have to make sure the vacuum cleaner is low powered otherwise you’ll suck up the plant leaves as well .